When you call our firm, you will most likely be in touch with one of the following staff members in the beginning and throughout the proceedings of your case. These people are here to answer any questions about setting up appointments and meetings, the attorneys, practice areas, fees, and more.


Heather L. Kirchenwitz : Perham Office (218) 346-6900

Legal Assistant | heather@peloquinlawoffice.com


Heather Hofstrand : Perham Office (218) 346-6900

Reception/Assistant | heatherh@peloquinlawoffice.com


Shauna Schultz : Park Rapids Office (218) 237-2200

Legal Assistant | shauna@peloquinlawoffice.com


Michelle Suhnsen : Park Rapids Office (218) 237-2200

Reception/Assistant | michelle@peloquinlawoffice.com